Developing Friendships and Contributing to the Life of the Community

The idea of starting Club T was the brainchild of a Sue Vane-Tempest. In 1978, together with several like- minded people, Sue broke away from an existing organisation to form Club Turramurra. The focus of the group’s activities was to be on the arts, theatre, music and the ”finer things in life”.

After a fair amount of debate, it was agreed that the emphasis would be on friendship and support rather than on dating and that a high standard of behaviour would be expected from members. On this basis, the Club Constitution was finalised in October 1978.

Club archives from the past 35 years provide a fascinating record of our evolving society, with activities reflecting changes in the interests and attitudes of members – as well as a steady increase in prices!

The new millennium saw Club T facing a crisis when the then President Patrick Riley stepped down and nobody came forward to replace him. At one stage, it seemed that Club T might have to close its doors, but Patrick stayed on as Acting President while the team went to work to find a new President. June Leighton, who eventually stepped in, served as President for three years and is credited with turning the Club’s falling membership figures around. From then on, each successive Committee has worked extremely hard to maintain and develop a strong membership base.

Today, under the guiding hand of President Elva Wagschall and her Committee, Club T continues to grow and flourish.  Programmes, which cover monthly general meetings and a wide range of diverse activities, appear in the Club Newsletter, which is emailed to our 145 members.

Despite the many changes that have taken place over the years, the fundamentals of Club T remain the same and “developing friendships and contributing to the life of the community” continue to be the guiding principles for members.