History of Club Turramurra


Developing Friendships and Contributing to the Life of the Community

The idea of starting Club Turramurra was the brainchild of Sue Vane-Tempest.  In 1978, together with several like-minded people, Sue broke away from an existing organisation to form Club Turramurra Incorporated.

The object of the Club is to promote the social activities of its members and to develop friendships through involvement with the Club and its activities.

The focus of the group’s activities is on the arts, theatre, music, dining out and the “finer things in life”.

Club Turramurra is managed by an executive committee comprising a President, Vice presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Membership Director. It operates under a Constitution in accordance with the Associations Incorporations Act 2009, administered by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. The by-laws of the Club set out the roles and responsibilities of the members and the committee, how the Club is managed financially and how the meetings are conducted.

Many changes have taken place over the years but the fundamentals of Club Turramurra remain the same.  “Developing friendships and contributing to the life of the community” continue to be the guiding principles for members.

The Club meetings and activities are conducted in a relaxed and welcoming way to encourage these friendships.

Developing Friendships in Club Turramurra

Club Turramurra celebrating 40 years